DB "Amaya 01"

Details and Features of DB "Amaya 01"

Deck Barge Rental Company in the Philippines

DB "Amaya 01"

Gross Tonnage: 1,805.67 tons

Length Overall: 64.00 Meters

Breadth: 18.28 Meters

Depth: 4.26 Meters

DWT: 2,500 Tons

No. of Windlass: 1-unit (driven by 1-unit Mitsubishi Model 4DR5), attached to 2.6 tons stockless anchor

Ramp Size: 8.0 Meters Length x 4.5 Meters W (driven by 1-unit Mitsubishi Model 4DR5 mechanical winch)

Generators: 1-unit Mitsubishi 4DR5, 10 KVA

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